Denzil Lacey
About Me.

I grew up listening to Music from all corners of the world – from John Holt to the Beatles to my favourite Dance track of all time, “Rhythm Is A Dancer”. I’ve literally been around music all my life.

My parents have always worked in Radio and used to bring me to Radio Stations across Dublin as a young child. At the age of 14, I started making Radio and helping around studios. 

Just five years later, I began working full time in Radio and Audio Production for some amazing Radio Stations and clients across the globe.

I now produce Audio Branding that is heard by millions worldwide and create Sound Design that features in household T.V. Shows and Movies.



on Imaging, Production and Radio

Denzil is a passionate speaker on all things Audio Branding and Radio Imaging and has spoken at some of the world's leading conferences in Radio and Audio.

  • Student Radio Conference 2015 (Galway, Ireland)
  • The Imaging Days 2016 (Amsterdam)
  • Learning Waves Course 2017 (Dublin, Ireland)
  • Student Radio Conference 2017 (Galway, Ireland)
  • Worldwide Radio Summit 2019 (Los Angeles, USA)
  • RadioDays Europe 2022 (Malmö, Sweden)

Award Winner

in Radio Imaging and Commercials

  • IMRO Radio Awards 2019 - FM104 Imaging (Won) Gold
  • IMRO Radio Awards 2018 - FM104 Imaging (Won) Bronze
  • IMRO Radio Awards 2017 - FM104 Imaging (Nominated)
  • IMRO Radio Awards 2016 - RTÉ 2fm Imaging (Won) Silver
  • PPI Radio Awards 2016 - SPIN Top 40 Show Production (Won)
  • PPI Radio Awards 2014 - 4FM Best Station Promotion (Nominated)

Press Coverage.

From travelling across the world, informing and discussing the world of Audio Branding to appearing on some of the most world-renowned Podcasts, check out some of the press coverage of Denzil Lacey.

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Sound Design and Composition

Witches of Salem (sound designer - 3 episodes)


Lindenstraße (sound designer - 2 episodes)

- Widerstände (2019)
- Vermutungen (2019)

Tatort (sound designer - 1 episode)

Galway Bay FM (custom Sound Design Package - 2020)
FM104 (custom Sound Design Package - 2016)
Dublin's Q102 (custom Sound Design Package - 2016)
Total Access (custom Sound Design Package - 2016)
RTÉ 2fm (custom Sound Design Package - 2015)
RTÉ Pulse (custom Sound Design Package - 2015)