Denzil Lacey
About Me.

I grew up listening to Music from all corners of the world – from John Holt to the Beatles to my favourite Dance track of all time, Rhythm Is A Dancer. I’ve literally been around music all my life.

My parents have always worked in Radio and used to bring me to Radio Stations across Dublin as a young child. At the age of 14, I started making Radio and helping around studios. 

Just five years later, I began working full time in Radio and Audio Production for some amazing Radio Stations and clients across the globe.

I am now producing Creative Audio and Imaging that can be heard by millions of people worldwide.



on Imaging, Production and Radio

Denzil has spoken at some of the biggest events in Radio and Imaging, including The Worldwide Radio Summit 2019 in Los Angeles and The Imaging Days 2016 in Amsterdam. He has also provided workshops and talks in numerous colleges and universities in Ireland.

Award Winner

in Radio Imaging and Commercials

  • IMRO Radio Awards 2019 - FM104 Imaging (Won) Gold
  • IMRO Radio Awards 2018 - FM104 Imaging (Won) Bronze
  • IMRO Radio Awards 2017 - FM104 Imaging (Nominated)
  • IMRO Radio Awards 2016 - RTÉ 2fm Imaging (Won) Silver
  • PPI Radio Awards 2016 - SPIN Top 40 Show Production (Won)
  • PPI Radio Awards 2014 - 4FM Best Station Promotion (Nominated)


in Sonic Branding

Denzil eats, sleeps (see icon above) and breaths audio and Sonic Branding. He is a strong believer in creating new, fresh and creative audio. He creates Sound Design, Sound Effects, Music and Imaging that cuts through.

Press Coverage.

A selection of press coverage featuring Denzil Lacey


Sound Design and Composition

Witches of Salem (sound designer - 3 episodes)


Lindenstraße (sound designer - 2 episodes)

- Widerstände (2019)
- Vermutungen (2019)

Tatort (sound designer - 1 episode)

FM104 (custom Sound Design Package - 2016)
Dublin's Q102 (custom Sound Design Package - 2016)
Total Access (custom Sound Design Package - 2016)
RTÉ 2fm (custom Sound Design Package - 2015)
Published Album "Sound Designer Vol. 2" on Zone Music
Published Album "ASX Softees Vol. 4" on Audiosweets
ASX - Popcore - Vol 16 - July 2021