Information is not knowledge.

Albert Einstein

My 3rd Sound Design album is here!

Sound Design was something I was always interested in, before I even knew what the term meant. I began messing with sounds when I got my first stereo ...

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Free Sound Design

My interest in Sound Design began years before I started in Radio – I used to search for videos on YouTube of Movie Sound Design and then discov...

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Imaging Highlights – May 2021

The past month has been a particularly busy one, especially with the launch of Andy Cohen's Kiki Lounge....

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Should we be going back to basics?

Audio Branding over the past twenty years has tried to sound “big” and “bold” and quite in your face....

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Imaging Highlights – April 2021

Over the past few months, I’ve been toning down the use of Sound Design and unnatural or over the top Sound Effects to tell stories. I think Aud...

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Imaging Highlights – March 2021

March 2021 featured some of my most creative work. In particular, coming up with new and fresh ways to “sell” new features and shows. I re...

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