Audio Branding Highlights - November December 2022

Audio Highlights – November/December 2022

Happy New Year!
Perhaps it’s my age but the months are just flying by, but I am really looking forward to the temperatures rising the summer coming in quickly – I certainly can’t wait to get camping in the mountains in the coming months. Believe me, being outdoors really helps with creative flow and something I have been yearning for!
The last quarter of 2022 was absolutely crammed with Audio Branding Projects and some exciting new channels. I was so lucky to be the Imaging Producer for “Dollhouse”, a brand channel in the Pop Category. In this month’s Audio Branding Highlights I spotlight some of the cool projects I got to work on

Two new albums are in the works and I will share some information on those soon, but my album Popcore Vol. 17 is now available from Audiosweets – it’s filled with starters, promos, sound design, artist intros and so much more.

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