Imaging In 2019 – Jonathan Burbano E

Welcome to the “Imaging In 2019 Series” – a blog series that interviews inspiring producers and great creators of Station Sound. Jonathan Burbano E This week’s guest I’d count as a friend. He’s a really cool guy – always very positive in his approach to his work and peers in the industry. He is based in South America and in …

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Imaging for Diplo’s Revolution on SiriusXM

It has been very difficult to keep this one under wraps for over two months, but I can finally announce it! I have been making Imaging for SiriusXM and specifically creating Sonically-led audio to launch Diplo’s brand new channel – Diplo’s Revolution! I was approached to produce Imaging for the channel and that’s what I have been at over the …

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NSRC 2017 Galway

Talking The Talk

I have never been good at public speaking, in fact it was something that I have dreaded doing for the past number of years. As a child, I was generally shy and quiet and never did anything in big groups. However, over the past few years – I have been invited to various Radio and Production Conferences across the world as …

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IMRO Radio Awards 2017

Shortlisted for IMRO Radio Awards

I was absolutely delighted to find out that I was shortlisted for a coveted IMRO Radio Award for Radio Imaging with FM104. While I am delighted, the lead up to the shortlist being released is always a tough battle. You are constantly thinking and questioning yourself on the audio that you have submitted. Should I have submitted something different? Could …

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FM104 Dublin

Imaging Highlights: FM104 May 2017

May has come around quick – only a few days left in April. Here are my Imaging Highlights for FM104 May 2017. Again this month, I focus heavily on “Sung Intros” being part of the song. These are all produced in-house by myself. Check them out and if you like them, remember to like and share. Every little helps! Also, …

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