Work I am proud of

I began working in Radio Imaging full-time at the end of 2013 with Classic Hits 4FM, A semi-national Classic Hits Radio Station. Prior to this, I was hired as a Commercial Producer with 4FM for two years.

It was such a great learning curve because it was my first full-time Radio break and I hadn’t had a job like it before. Yeah, I had been working part-time in other roles in Radio Stations. I learned so much and made some mistakes, made some decent audio but it was all about learning.


Then, I moved to SPIN South West in Limerick – which is small city in a big county in the West of Ireland. Things are much different out of major urban cities in Ireland – especially in sport and culture. I loved Limerick, it was a great personal experience as well as being a great progression in terms of Production. I created some pieces that I am very proud of and of course, I look back and I cringe at some of the stuff (Baring in mind this was only three years ago!)

The next job was a big one for me – I progressed and was poached to work with the National Broadcaster, RTÉ and more specifically 2fm. This was fascinating and very exciting as the station had just gone through a major multi-million euro rebrand and reposition within the market. I was the lead Imaging Producer for the youth-based station as well as occasional production for Ireland’s biggest station, RTÉ 1. I learned so much here and got to speak at some incredible events like The Imaging Days 2016. This is where i really began to think musically and it would define everything I would do afterwards.

During my time with 2FM and RTÉ, I also produced some audio for a new CHR Station in Alabama, I still quite like this audio too!

I then got a call from Dave Kelly, Programme Director with FM104 to take over the Production Department and manage a team of producers. This then lead to being promoted to Group Head of Production for FM104, Dublin’s Q102 and LMFM. It’s a busy job, a very busy job, but it’s a big privilege to be part of three of the biggest stations in their respective markets. I am producing more audio than ever. It’s competitive, busy and two days are never the same.

I am now producing Imaging and Production Content for SiriusXM and Diplo’s very own Channel – “Diplo’s Revolution” – where I am crafting work I am currently very happy with.

I think it’s important to share work you have done over the years to see how you have progressed and how you change your sound over the years. Everyone has as style. Own it!

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