IMRO Radio Awards 2017

Shortlisted for IMRO Radio Awards

I was absolutely delighted to find out that I was shortlisted for a coveted IMRO Radio Award for Radio Imaging with FM104.

While I am delighted, the lead up to the shortlist being released is always a tough battle. You are constantly thinking and questioning yourself on the audio that you have submitted. Should I have submitted something different? Could I have created something better? These are thoughts that will run through your head in the lead up to any awards ceremony, it’s normal.

The award recognises the best in Radio in Ireland and you always want to do you and your station proud by being shortlisted and ultimately winning an award on the night. But, a nomination was all I ever wanted – to be recognised for the hard work, dedication and love you put in day in, day out all for the good of the industry. Anything that happens from here on in is just a bonus for me, and if I am not successful in securing an award for the station – I can say I was in the final five that made it.

The build up to today was an awful one for me, I had so much anxiety and fear of not being included? Why? FM104 has a history of producing some top quality Imaging and Production that has resulting in several Gold and Silver awards over the years and I didn’t want to be the person to stop that. Sure, the station hasn’t been nominated every year but I wanted to show my boss and peers that I was worthy of my recent role. I have done that.

Could I have done better – of course, we all could have done better – but we are under time constraints, busy roles and have a lot going on in our lives but I can certainly say I gave it my all. I have been in the position of not being nominated and I have been stuck in between jobs which had resulted in me missing the Radio Awards.

I also notice that RTÉ 2fm is also in the shortlist, which I had worked in for seven months – so I can only assume some of my audio will be in that entry which is a double bargain, I have two entries that I have worked on in the Imaging category.

The awards take place in Kilkenny again this year in the stunning Lyrath Estate on October 6th. I will be there cheering on my colleagues as we are also up for another four awards, including FM104’s Strawberry Alarm Clock with Jim Jim and Nobby for two separate awards as well as Jim-Jim Nugent for Music Broadcaster and “Ed Sheeran at The Odeon” a project that I worked very closely on with the management of FM104.

This is also the perfect excuse to highlight my latest Imaging Demo with FM104 via Soundcloud. Have a listen, like and share if you enjoy it and feel free to get in touch if you want.

Thanks for reading, light a candle and wish us all luck.

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