Imaging In 2019 – Jerimiah Busniak


Welcome to the “Imaging In 2019 Series” – We ran with it last year and I thought it would be cool to continue it and we can always archive the older posts going forward to see the change in opinions as the years go on.

I came across Jerimiah’s work on Soundcloud last year and I was so impressed, I had to get him on the blog. Everything he seems to make is totally different, new, and unique (and, that’s what Radio needs, right?)

Jerimiah works for Southern Cross Austereo in Australia and is Imaging Producer for The Hit Network. What is Hit Network? Well, 10 stations across the world of AUS – playing “Hit Music”

Welcome – Jerimiah Busniak!

1. How did you get started in the business and how did you get the gig at The Hit Network?

I was working as a sound and lighting tech at a theatre in my hometown Carnarvon, but started bugging the blokes at the local radio station. I eventually got a production job there, and since then I’ve slowly moved to different markets (Bunbury, Perth, Melbourne, and now up to sunny Brisbane). To get this current gig I did 7 years of breakfast show production at Fox FM in Melbourne, and when I saw it advertised I begged David Konsky to let me sleep-in and warm up in Brisbane haha. He obliged and now it’s been a year in the job!

2. What's your opinion on the current state of play with regards to Radio Imaging?

In Australia at least, I think we’re in a great position! There are so many talented people cranking out very different styles. Konsky and Dom at Hit, Brad Leask and Brodie Green at Nova, BT & Sidey at MMM, Chris Davis and Dan Hunt at KIIS. Each brand has it’s own sound but each of them sounds elite.

3. In 2019, what do you think is more important - creativity or technical ability (or both)

I would put creative ability before technical ability… a well communicated message wins over a poorly communicated but hot sounding message. I think as long as you can deliver the info you need effectively and creatively to a listener, the extra zips and zaps aren’t as important. However of course having them in your toolkit is a big help if you’re already a creative machine!

4. What was the best tip you know now, that’d you wish you knew when starting out?

It’s only radio, we’re not saving any lives. I try and remember to not take myself or this job too seriously. I am extremely grateful for this job and love it, but I think I’m a lot better at it when I’m able to take a step back from it and approach it as a bit of fun. Well crafted, to the point, thoughtful fun, but still just a bit of fun.

5. Imaging is like Music and styles/techniques are always changing. How do you see the imaging world in the next 5-10 years? (Less zips zaps? / more sonic branding? / simplified? / bigger?)

I’m not sure CHR imaging WILL head this way, but I would LIKE it to… I reckon we haven’t fully embraced that hip hop/RnB stars like Kanye/Kendrick/Beyonce/Chance the Rapper are the new rockstars. We’re in a weird cycle of music, but the big hip hop tunes are really standing out. I reckon those kind of artists give our formats a lot of credibility, so letting their music influence our production can only be a good thing. So a little more urban flavour in CHR imaging would be great, although am I no authority on the matter and nu-metal could be back next week.

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