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Imaging In 2019 – Hashan Vijayan


Welcome to the second post in the “Imaging In 2019 Series” – We ran with it last year and I thought it would be cool to continue it and we can always archive the older posts going forward to see the change in opinions as the years go on.

I’ve been touch with some amazing producers who will feature over the coming months, very exciting!

I have been “online friends” with Hashan for a good few years now and we’ve become good mates and regularly share work together and talk about Radio and Production. He is a great guy and certainly someone who just loves what he does!

Hashan is the Head of Production for Malaysia’s Number 1 Hit Music Station – Hitz FM and the station is sounding slick thanks to his great work!

Enter Hashan, Head of Production for Hitz FM, Malaysia.

Hashan Vijayan

1. How did you get started in the business and how did you get the gig at Hitz?

It all began in 2nd December 2013, yes i still remember the exact date i joined Hitz FM (Malaysia’s Number 1 English Hit Station). I started off as an intern with them as an audio production engineer. 

After 8 months learning and understanding what radio productions is all about, i was moved to Mix FM (Hot AC) & Lite FM (AC). 

I spent close to 4 months with them, experimenting my audio productions knowledge with a lighter format and a more matured station. All these 3 English Stations are under 1 company which is Astro Radio which is based here in Bukit Jalil, Malaysia. So technically i just moved to the next studio room instead of switching building locations. And then i was moved back to Hitz as the Head Production Engineer for the station, and i am still a part of this kickass station! It has been a solid 5 years journey now and i enjoyed every single minute of it.

2. Where do you think Radio Imaging is at?

When i first started producing Radio Imaging, i remember i used to spend many hours practicing on it every single weekend. I was improvising my skills on Beatmix, Vocal Chops, Mixing the ID’s and so on. After i came across all the works from Imaging Producers from around the world, i started understanding more about Radio Imaging. Its not just about the audio production, but its also about writing the particular piece and getting your VO talent to nail the read. That’s when you create a true masterpiece. In my opinion, i think right now Radio Imaging is getting more and more creative due to the booming of social media. There will be something which is trending or viral every single month, and the whole world is getting exposed to the particular content easily now via Digital views. So i personally think, Digital Radio Imaging is the next big thing. Convert your audio to video. Create that magic! Me and my team, we just did a Hitz Recap 2018 Promo and released it on our station’s social media pages. I had fun writing and producing this piece. Below is the video: 

3. In 2019, what do you think is more important - creativity or technical ability (or both)

Whether its 2019 or 2099, creativity is always IMPORTANT! I believe technical ability can be learnt quickly by anyone even if you don’t have any audio backgrounds. But creativity is subjective, that takes a lot of time and effort. So its simple, improvise on that. 

4. What was the best tip you know now, that’d you wish you knew when starting out?

I still do listen to Soundcloud to get inspired and to gain some ideas. I constantly do this on a weekly basis, even until today. Besides listening, i always get feedbacks from other Imaging Experts to keep my work fresh. Constructive criticism is really a good thing. But all these i only did after 2 years of understanding my work, i wished i started this from the moment i began my working career. But not regrets, i am still loving my job to the core. Thats how i got connected with Denzil and now i am answering this questions on his Blog. Blessed!

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