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Imaging In 2019 – Josh Jensen

Welcome to the “Imaging In 2019 Series” – a blog series that interviews inspiring producers and great creators of Station Sound.

Josh Jensen

This week, we welcome Josh Jensen to #ImagingIn2019. I first became aware of Josh after hearing literally EVERYONE mention his name and how good his work is. So, I connected with Josh recently and now I am delighted to have this superstar on the blog.

Hear some great stories and insight into his world.

Welcome JJ!

1. How did you get started in the business and tell us about your at right now?

Long story “shortish”
I started as an intern in 1998 in Ocala, Florida and I  was only supposed to do one day because it was “Ground Hog Job Shadow Day”.
I dressed up as a pig and gave away ground hog (sausage) for the morning show. I snuck my way in the next year, and they hired me. I went on to be a Program Director for two stations as well as Production/On-Air for the cluster, then my boss Shane Finch kicked me out of the nest.
I Moved to Milwaukee Wi where I was Imaging for FM106.1, The Brew, News Talk WISN and big Band WOKY.
6 months later I was in Atlanta Imaging/On Air the Buzz, 96 rock then flipped it to Project 9-6-1 and then launched The Bull…. 
2 years later I was Imaging/OnAir 98 Rock, US103-5, Mix 100.7 The Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx, part time for National Programming Platforms, and like 14 other stations 
12 years later I was in LA doing Alt 98-7 
Now I’m living in Nashville working part time For Iheart Philly at Q102 Voicing and Imaging, VO for 106.1 Seattle  & part time at The Mix Group. I would like a job please  😉 

2. Who are your idols and people you look for inspiration from?

The same as everyone else!

John Frost, (My best friend and brother) Malcolm Ryker, Will Morgan, John Considine and Roger Keeler are my favorite writers! Drew Hall will forget more than I’ll ever know and Forrest sexy pants Martin is ridiculous, YOU, Ron Tarrant, Bryan Apple, Sketch, I could literally go on for days… 

3. What's your opinion on the current state of play with regards to Radio Imaging

I wish we hand new up and comers, People that want to Image… It’s a really fun job, Its super fun to let out all your creativity every day! 

4. In 2019, what do you think is more important - creativity or technical ability (or both)

I feel creativity wins. You can put wiz bangs on anything and beat mix till you’re blue in the face but if you don’t get an emotion out if your imaging you lost….

5. What was the best tip you know now, that’d you wish you knew when starting out?

Don’t look for validation through your work. Some people don’t get it and thats fine. Just have fun, do your best and get your fulfillment from helping others. 

6. You are very well versed when it comes to formats and styles. What is your favourite format to work with?

My favorites are Country, Rock and CHR. I love voicing them, I love producing them and I’ve been told I’m good at them, But I feel like a hack most of the time lol… 

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