Imaging In 2018 - Chad Erickson VO

Imaging In 2018 – Chad Erickson VO

Welcome to “Imaging In 2018” a Blog Series which looks at the developments in Radio Imaging and Production, the future and opinions from across the world.

Over the past few posts, I have focused on Voiceovers with  “Voiceovers – The Producer Relationship”

Imaging In 2018 - Chad Erickson VO

Chad Erickson

I got to work with Chad in a previous Radio Imaging role in Dublin, Ireland and it was quite simply great to work with him! Chad is one of the good guys and someone who you can rely on all the time. 

He has won several awards, delivers copy for hundreds of Radio and TV Stations across the globe as well as being in Benztown’s Top 50 Imaging Voices in the world!

On a personal level, Chad has helped me in the past with career decisions that I am so grateful before. He went out of his way to ring me and guide me through some dilemmas I had. I owe him big time and he didn’t had to do that – but it really shows the “Voiceover-Producer Relationships” which this blog is all about.

Now – Chad time!

Imaging In 2018 - Chad Erickson VO

1. You have voiced thousands or even millions of pieces of copy - some terrible and some not so bad. But what are the pieces that really stand out for you that ultimately end up on your Reel/Demo for marketing purposes?

I always love when my stations send me back the final produced product because you never know how it’s going to be presented. For me, the pieces that stand out and might end up on my demo reel are the ones that have me do different voices, totally off the cuff adlibs or character reads and really create a theater of the mind promo. THESE push me to step out of my “comfort zone” and will ultimately stand-out from anything the station is doing and showcase a different-side/style we can do together.  Sure a fancy Katy Perry promo with SFX is cool…But, a bizarre Katy Perry promo with clever writing, adlibs and a story will really break the mold and bring the magic.    

2. When it comes to scripting - what would you say to the copywriter in making it easier for you to really deliver your best work. (Font size, context, providing audio, live guidance?)

I’ve been doing this a long time and learned to adapt to anyway a station likes to send copy and is most convenient to THEM. Some send .DOCs, PDFs, URL links or just write it in the body of an email.  No right or wrong way. When I open up a new request I always just re-font the copy to “BIG 18 font” and start cutting. 

3. You can write something that looks amazing but when voiced it really just doesn't work. Would you provide feedback or suggest a better way for it to be voiced?

Having a great relationship with your voice over guy is KEY!  Call, chat, do live sessions or phone patch. That way you have a back and forth dialog and everyone is on the same page. If you have ideas or want to brainstorm… Do it! Already have a shell of that promo…send it to your VO guy so they can get a feel of what you want. Live directed sessions are a great way to share your ideas and relay exactly what you were thinking. We are in the communications business and it’s important that we COMMUNICATE together. This is an ASAP world and sometimes email only is the direction. But, it’s ok to stop for a minute and call your vo guy/gal and say… “hey, here’s an idea we’re running with…can we try it this way too as an ALT?

Chad Erickson

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