Radio Imaging 101 with Denzil Lacey and Šmon

A brand new Radio Imaging Podcast is here!

The most common quote I see online this year is “The Podcast Industry is over saturated” “Podcasts only have 2% of time spent listening in most markets” while both are probably true statements, The Radio Imaging Industry is certainly a niche and we’re not looking for millions or thousands of streams. It will never be that way, ever! But Radio Imaging is a small community of creative people from all walks of life, who struggle creatively all the time and anything that can help us further or skillset should be welcomed.

The idea was devised by Nik Šmon and myself in Amsterdam, just before The Imaging Days 2019 conference. We were having some beers in a pub and thought it would be cool to start something new and to supplement existing Podcasts and Blogs that do an incredible job at further developing talent. This podcast isn’t about us saying what’s “right” or “wrong”. It’s simply an avenue for us and everyone else to further develop skills. I am immensely proud of Episode One and the guests we managed to secure to discuss their thoughts and processes in this highly-skilled job.

Episode One features some of the most well respected talent from across the industry including:

Jeff Berlin – Legandary Voiceover and Imaging Producer (Boston, MA)
James Lawson – Lead Imaging Producer with Hits Radio (Manchester, UK)
Nick Karkazis – Imaging Director with SPIN 1038 (Dublin, IE)
Alastair Boyes – Production Manager with IMGR (London, UK)
Enda Caldwell – European Reporter with (Meath, IE)
Tara Murray – Hit Mix Presenter with FM104 (Dublin, IE)
Christian Troitzsch – Imaging Producer with WOW! Radio Branding (Berlin, Germany)




We would REALLY appreciate your feedback by rating the podcast on your favourite Podcast Platform (iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn Radio and via our website) it will mean that more people discover this podcast and hopefully more people become interested in the craft we pour our heart and souls into.

We would ask that the audio is suitable quality – don’t record it on the New York Subway or London Underground or while you’re taking a sh*t – record it in a quiet room or somewhere with no background noise.

A lot of friends and peers have been asking us what The Imaging Days 2019 was like as they couldn’t make it – we wanted to give an unbiased, not sponsored opinion on what people learned. So, if you missed this year’s conference – check this out. I certainly picked up some new ideas and thought starters and I’m pretty sure you will too. It’s all food for thought.
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