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Imaging In 2018 – Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are a very good way of learning and improving your skills at a particular job or task. They are becoming a more and more popular way of learning as it’s made very simple.

When it comes to Imaging Production or Music Production, there is a lot of misinformation being provided by people who may not intend on doing that. My advice is to stick to videos with some rep behind them (Companies like IMGR) Below are some videos that I think do a good job at explaining some tips and tricks.

Reverse Filter Effect

A video I made a long time ago on how to create the “Reverse Filter Effect” within Protools. This works with any DAW, so not to worry if you’re not a Protools geek!

Mouth Noise

Mouth Noise on Voiceover Sessions can be a common occurrence and depends on the voice, the environment and the Microphone. This does a nice job of showing you how to combat that and ultimately remove the clicks.

Power Intros

Power Intros are not new, but they are made by pretty much every station in the world. How are they made? I created this tutorial a few years ago for the guys I work with at amped (Groovewox)

Parallel Vocal Distortion

The guys are IMGR provide amazing short videos to get the basics down as well as some more advanced techniques. THis one is Parallel Vocal Distortion! Love this.

EQing a Bed

Yes, it’s another from IMGR – and yet again a great topic and covered in less than 40 seconds. How to EQ a Bed? Everyone should watch this video as it can make your production go from okay to great!

Cash Promo Demo

Jeff Schmidt is a legend in the field of Radio Imaging and Sound Design and someone I am lucky to know. You can see the composition of his Cash Promo based out of Protools in this video. Really nice!

Cash Promo Demo

This is a continuation from the above – the great Cash Promo Demo. This shows how Jeff approaches his master for this promo! Nice.2

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