Waves move to Sub only

In a dramatic change of business model, Waves announced on Sunday (March 26th) it was switching to subscription-based services only.

Waves Audio provide a wide range of digital signal processing (DSP) solutions to professionals in the music, film, and game industries. Their products include plugins for digital audio workstations (DAWs), virtual instruments, and hardware processors. Waves Audio is known for its innovation in audio processing, and their products have been used by top professionals in the music and entertainment industries.

There seemed to be no for-warning of the change and long-term users like myself feel  really hard done by. I have pumped thousands  into licensing their plugins for my usage over the years, only to be told that one I upgrade, I must switch to a $25.99 plan every month.


While I can see the advantages to new users getting into the sphere, it’s leaving bad tastes in people’s mouths with it trending  for a time on Twitter.

I think from my personally, it’s a goodbye from me. Where will I be moving?

I had switched out a number  of plugins for Fabfilter and  Universal Audio, as I find them far superior in function and UI – so I think I will move fully now.

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