Why original content makes Audio Branding great!

Making audio branding with original content my favourite. No question about it. 

A lot of Radio Stations use generic audio from content providers across the world but it’s often quite bland and not very unique. Sure, it can be difficult to obtain a-list guests in a small local station these days – so sometimes it’s the only way.

There are a number of production services on the market, while they are great for speedy-turnarounds and easing workloads, often the content is generic and is made to be a one-size fits all approach. The unique content really comes from inside your Radio Station, TV Station or media outlet. Start using that content to craft original content.

I am quite lucky to work for a company who has A-list guests in the studio every day as a result of artist-led channels like Ozzy’s Boneyard, Shade 45 and Diplo’s Revolution. Having original content from these world-renowned artists can make the job such a dream as the opportunities for branding are endless!

Below is a selection of recent content-driven audio branding pieces I have made for the channels in which I work on.

Often, I will repurpose shows, interviews and clips to generate content-driven audio branding with often unheard stories direct from the artists with no filter.

It can be tricky to condense longer form interviews into a cohesive 20-25 second spot, but it makes the job even more fun – you can really dump off a lot of the crutch words and rambles and create something truly unique and memorable.

I love using sound to aid stories and have a lot of backing tracks with lots of natural foley and sfx that will aid the picture in the listeners mind. After all, these pieces should make people laugh, smile, cry and really strike emotion. 

These types of pieces work because the artists are telling their own stories and people love hearing directly from the people who made those stories. There is no other content in the world like it – unique, different and are beneficial to the listener.

Below is a selection of recent content-driven audio branding pieces I have made for the channels in which I work on.

These pieces are truly unique, given that they aired directly on the channels they run and you won’t hear something so substantial anywhere else.

If you work for a company who might be local or small scale – you can really get some great generic content pieces on-air but try your hardest for original content as it’s the only outlet with that audio.

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