Denzil Lacey ASX Softees Vol 4

My 2nd Sound Design album is here!

I am delighted after months of planning, producing and finalising – my brand new album is here. I have been working with the guys at Audiosweets to create a brand new ASX Softees album.

The intention with the album is to give more choice of sounds to producers and stations. While most products currently on the market are very loud, over-produced and in your face – our intention is to strip back and give variety with lots of dynamic range.

You can use it on your Radio Station, TV Show,  TV Series, Podcast and more! Plus, it’s buy-out!

Check out this link to purchase ASX Softees Vol. 4

As you may know, this is my second Sound Design album and I am super pumped to finally get it out in the world. It will definitely boost the sound of your station. You can mix and match Sound Design and even make your own combinations.

My previous album, Sound Designer Vol. 2 was released with Boost and Zone Music and you can check that out here. This selection is perfect for TV and Movies and has everything you need to really stand out

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