Denzil Lacey - 2021 in Review

2021: Year In Review

2021 was an exciting year in my career, getting to launch countess Audio Branding packages for SiriusXM – including: Steve Aoki Remix Radio, Soundcloud Radio, Andy Cohen’s Kiki Lounge, The Ten Spot, 2010’s Hip Hop amongst other existing channels I work on – Diplo, Eminem, Pop2K, Chill and more!

I started Music Production and studied Music in detail – enrolling in classes including: Charlie Puth, Kygo and Deamau5.

Developing your skills is a never ending game – which is super important and rewarding. I really enjoy having the luxury of constantly improving and never feeling like “I’ve made it”. Upskilling is an important aspect of any industry and with the Music Industry changing ALL THE TIME – I think it goes hand and hand in what we do as Audio Producers.

I listen back to my old work quite regularly to see where improvements can be made. That’s the first step to developing as an Audio Producer.

While posting this, I am listening back to my work throughout the year. Looking back, I can hear a huge difference in sound over the year – which shows a constant development in the work that I create. It’s no harm in listening back, even if you might cringe. I sometimes take it a step further and compare the work to previous years.

I switched up my workflow and template about four times throughout to 2021 – going from quite an OTT muddy mix to something a lot cleaner.

When the Covid-19 Pandemic hit in 2020 – our team were so ready to tackle to logistical issues – it didn’t effect me at all, as I am based in the studio at home all day. However, with the full team still working remote, it’s pretty impressive to see and hear the quality of work maintains such a high standard.

My advice for 2022:

  • Up-skill as much as possible. Learn how to playΒ the piano or guitar.
  • Listen back to old work and hear how you have developed
  • Get better at scripting and avoiding clichΓ©s
  • Prioritise creative over plugins
  • Get creative time – walking, running, playing sports and hiking. Healthy Mind – Healthy Creative

Creative Time

I know a lot of Audio Producers suffer from burnout and writer’s block. Over the last year, I have begun to realise how downtime is more important than studio time – and I almost preach that to everyone I talk to.

Stepping away from the studio every now and then, even for a short walk recharges your batteries, exposes you to more real-life ideas, which can be used in creative. Don’t work yourself into the ground all the time – sure we all get overrun with content to produce, but you will never create anything “great” in that sense of mind.


It’s been a rough time for all of us who work in creative – as a lot of our industry share ideas in person and at conferences – but obviously most events have been cancelled due to the Pandemic. I really hope this year will see the tide turn and we can meet up and share ideas.

As ever, if you have any questions, my email is always available and through the Contact Page.

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