Denzil Lacey Audio Highlights - April 2021

Imaging Highlights – April 2021

Over the past few months, I’ve been toning down the use of Sound Design and unnatural or over the top Sound Effects to tell stories. I think Audio Branding and Radio Imaging needs to evolve from where it once was, being “BIG” and “Hot”. I am hearing a lot of stations really going overboard with effects and the message has become lost in my opinion.
            Often, Sound Design is used to disguise “dodgy” editing and it can lead to listener fatigue and confusion. It is also done to “impress” other producers on Soundcloud and Social Media, but the content you are building is not for them, it’s for the listener. Radio has always done this, and other mediums shy away from it. I think it’s time to shy away from it. A least, a little bit.
           There are so many other-ways to sell the story, like getting access to original content from artists, producers and the people behind the songs.

I think April’s highlights will be coming sooner too, with lots more for Eminem’s Shade 45, Diplo’s Revolution and Steve Aoki’s Remix Radio.

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