Denzil Lacey Imaging Highlights - January 2021

Imaging Highlights – January 2021

To say January 2021 was a busy month is probably a massive understatement.
In December 2020, I began working on the rebrand for Diplo’s own Radio Channel “Diplo’s Revolution“. If you work in Audio Branding, I am sure you can appreciate how a rebrand can make things super busy. The brand new Voice Talent for the channel is Peta Briscoe, a friend of mine from London. I am absolutely delighted to be working with Peta again and her positive attitude and drive is something I aspire to.
Along with Diplo’s Revolution, a brand new channel for Steve Aoki came down the tracks. As always, it wasn’t announced to the public for months – so it’s always a challenge to work on a project that remains under wraps. That said, it was such a pleasure to work with the Rida and the programming team in creating a fresh audio brand.
Press Release for Steve Aoki Remix Radio (Read here)
I always start a blank canvas with all projects – but even more so with a completely new channel. I wanted it to be upbeat, appealing and reflect Steve Aoki’s brand. I think the finished project is something that hasn’t been heard before and really introduces modern technique to create something new.
This month’s highlights feature brand new takes for Steve Aoki Remix Radio, but as always the project was much bigger than that – with hundreds of elements in the final takes.
That’s it for this month – as always I am grateful to get to work on high profile channels and audio and to be trusted to come up with something fresh each time is not something I take for granted.

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