Audio Demo – Jan 2023

The year so far has been very busy – there have been lots of new projects that I have been involved with in SiriusXM, along with my roster of current channels. An exciting development over the past few months has been getting to work on “Hits 1” – which is one of the largest contemporary Radio Stations in North America. It’s busy! Lots to be branded.
In this month’s highlights, there is lots of new content for Soundcloud Radio -The channel Β is designed to showcase emerging artists and up-and-coming talent, with a focus on fresh, new sounds that you may not hear on traditional radio stations.

Since writing this article, I have released my new album in conjunction with “Audiosweets” – Popcore Vol. 18

The album is designed to be used by radio stations and DJs as a source of new production elements for their playlists. Audiosweets offers a range of production music services, including custom music production, jingle production, and music libraries, to clients in the broadcasting and advertising industries.

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