Information is not knowledge.

Albert Einstein

Should we be going back to basics?

Audio Branding over the past twenty years has tried to sound “big” and “bold” and quite in your face....

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Imaging Highlights – April 2021

Over the past few months, I’ve been toning down the use of Sound Design and unnatural or over the top Sound Effects to tell stories. I think Aud...

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Imaging Highlights – March 2021

March 2021 featured some of my most creative work. In particular, coming up with new and fresh ways to “sell” new features and shows. I re...

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Stop Micromanaging Creative People

Micro-managing creative folk needs to stop. I’ve had countless jobs where this took place and it really is a burden on creativity. I’m really luck...

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Imaging Highlights – January 2021

To say January 2021 was a busy month is probably a massive understatement. In December 2020, I began working on the rebrand for Diplo’s own Rad...

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The Term “Radio Imaging” is outdated

Radio Imaging is a bracket term for the role that involves the audio Branding Radio Stations and sets the tone for the feel of the station. I had sta...

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