Imaging Highlights - October 2021

Audio Highlights – October 2021

It feels like I say “It’s been a busy month” every time I post highlights – but it was incredible fun! I am continuing to develop different styles, structures and ideas, something that makes this the best job in the world.
SiriusXM have just launched “The Ten Spot” – Nonstop Pop Hits from the 2010s. This channel is right up my alley – This was the decade, where I was really starting to grow into an adult – I was out clubbing and partying and immersing myself in the construction of Pop Hits from the 2010s.
The scripts and concepts created by the entire Pop Team in SiriusXM really knocked it out of the park and allowed for so much scope for creativity. Thanks to Alex Tear, Rob Cross, Mikey Piff, Tim Veiga, Jim Ryan and the entire team who were so supportive.

My album, Popcore Vol. 16 is now available from Audiosweets – it’s filled with starters, promos, sound design, artist intros and so much more.

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