Free Sound Design for Audio Producers

I know the last few years have been difficult for creatives across the world – Covid has meant changing working patterns, adjusting to a new work environment and lay-offs across various companies.

A number of years ago, I created a Free Sound Design package for anyone who needed quick access to Sound Design, without the big price tag.

I have recently updated the package to include lots to get you by – of course you can always purchased my other albums but I felt it was time to give back a little more and provide something with REAL value.

Check the link below to download the package in a few easy steps.

I have been very fortunate to have now got two officially published albums, “Sound Designer Vol. 2” which I produced for Boost Music and Zone Music – which is available for broadcast by those registered with their music rights organisations.

More recently I was delighted to have published “ASX Softees” with Audiosweets and S2Blue. This package was completely reimagined and designed for this who need sounds that down get in the way, ones that are light and perfect for mixing with older and more laid back songs.

I have another few albums in the pipework and that I am currently working on for ASX and Audiosweets. It’s been a heck of a journey on these new albums and the sound will be something not heard before in their series.

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