Denzil Lacey - Audio Branding Specialist

Throwback – Podcast Interview

I was going through a bunch of old files – including written speeches, audio and photos from conferences I’ve attended over the years R...

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Imaging Highlights – October 2020

October was busy and lots of new production for Diplo, Eminem, Ozzy Osbourne, Utopia and more. I love making topical content and there are lots of pie...

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Audio Content Promos - October 2020

Audio Content Promos – October 2020

I’ve been known to mention “content pieces” quite regularly on my blog and it’s quite evident in my audio branding work with S...

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When artists share your work

When I create audio branding for SiriusXM, a lot of the content I am creating is for special once-off or weekly Radio Shows. SiriusXM has a huge netwo...

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Why original content makes Audio Branding great!

Making audio branding with original content my favourite. No question about it.  A lot of Radio Stations use generic audio from content providers acr...

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Why Snoop Dogg’s 5million JustEat audio deal was worth it

I was watching TV recently, which is quite rare for me lately but I happened to come across a commercial for JustEat – the worldwide food delive...

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