Denzil Lacey Imaging Highlights - January 2021
Imaging Highlights

Imaging Highlights – January 2021

To say January 2021 was a busy month is probably a massive understatement. In December 2020, I began working on the rebrand for Diplo’s own Rad...

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The Term Radio Imaging is Outdated
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The Term “Radio Imaging” is outdated

Radio Imaging is a bracket term for the role that involves the audio Branding Radio Stations and sets the tone for the feel of the station. I had sta...

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Denzil Lacey ASX Softees Vol 4
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My 2nd Sound Design album is here!

I am delighted after months of planning, producing and finalising – my brand new album is here. I have been working with the guys at Audiosweets...

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Imaging Highlights - December 2020
Imaging Highlights

Imaging Highlights – December 2020

I can’t believe we’re already closing out 2020 – but I am sure we’re all excited for hopefully a better year ahead. SiriusXM m...

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Imaging Highlights - November 2020
Imaging Highlights

Imaging Highlights – November 2020

As I write this, November hasn’t even ended yet – and already the content count this month is massive. This month’s highlights featu...

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Denzil Lacey - Audio Branding Specialist
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Throwback – Podcast Interview

I was going through a bunch of old files – including written speeches, audio and photos from conferences I’ve attended over the years R...

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Denzil Lacey is an Audio Producer, Sound Designer and Composer from Dublin, Ireland. He currently works with clients across the world in creating world-class and instantly recognisable Sonic Branding.

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