Denzil Lacey Imaging Highlights - June 2020

Imaging Highlights – June 2020

The summer months have been crazy – I was so honoured to be involved in the launch of U2X Radio – a brand new SiriusXM Station curated by U2 themselves. The other producers on the channel included: John Kerber, Bryan Cullen and Bryan Apple – the piece Bryan Apple created for the channel really rocked.

You can read the full press release on U2’s new channel. See here!

If I could start again after hearing the amazing work from Bryan and the team – I think my stuff could be even better and cooler – but that’s part of the job eh? Be inspired. Always!

Also some cool new audio for Eminem with positioning statements and general messing – so that is always so much fun!

The next few months will be cool with new channel relaunches happening – including something I am really going to enjoy working on, cuppled with more audio for Diplo, Ozzy Osbourne, Utopia, Shade 45, Studio 54, Viral Pop, Chill and more!

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