Denzil Lacey - Audio Branding Specialist

Throwback – Podcast Interview

I was going through a bunch of old files – including written speeches, audio and photos from conferences I’ve attended over the years – and was reminded of the time I was asked to be on “The Producers Podcast” which is hosted by Ryan Drean.

When I started out in the industry, I used Ryan’s Podcast resource to gain experience from future colleagues who have crafted world-class audio for clients worldwide.

When I was asked to be on, I was literally stoked and felt like I had made it. It was that one moment where I knew it was going to provide me with so much in terms of recognition within the industry. I wasn’t wrong – I met so many incredible people who had heard my episode and I had never met before.

Was I nervous? Hell yeah. I recorded this episode in RTÉ’s studios in Studio 7 which is pretty incredible because it had the best setup.

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