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Welcome to “Imaging In 2018” a Blog Series which looks at the developments in Radio Imaging and Production, the future and opinions from across the world.

Over the past few posts, I have focused on Voiceovers with  “Voiceovers – The Producer Relationship”. In the next few posts, I want to explore some more creative ideas with Imaging Producers.

Steve Taylor

I was recently introduced to Steve Taylor, who is a hugely talented Voiceover Artist and has voiced audio for clients across the globe. Steve, to me is a very genuine, humble, appreciative and incredibly talented.

Who has he voiced for? KIIS-FM Los Angeles, KIIS-FM Sydney. Big enough? Yeah, Steve is a heavy hitter and I am really looking forward to this post!

Steve Taylor VO

1. What is your opinion on Vocal Coaches - have you used one in the past and are they worth it?

I’m self-taught to a large degree and influenced by many great voices. So when I’ve had the opportunity to be coached, I’ve taken it. There are some great ones that are worth every penny. I am a tremendous fan of Marice Tobias, though I’ve not worked directly with her yet. I’ve heard the difference she’s made. And if I can see the value (read: hear the value), then it’s gotta be worth it, especially as I branch into other voiceover arenas.

2. What makes a killer demo for a voiceover? (Different styles/something creative that makes it different)

If it’s for someone else’s demo, all I’m seeking is a connection or being able to identify with the voice. Once that’s satisfied, I’m always buzzed by the production. And it could be a demo for Slow Soft Soup Rock on Elevator Channel 13 … if the voice connects and the production is excellent, I’d be good, LOL!

For me, I love a complicit producer. Miles at KIIS-FM L.A. is that … so is Eric Romanowski. They want to own it, whatever ‘it’ is. And then make it better than that. It’s hard to be mad about that kind of partner.

3. You voice hundreds of radio stations, and I’m sure the copy can get repetitive. How do you keep it fresh, especially when you’re saying the same phrases or reading copy for the same collective contests all the time?

That IS the challenge, isn’t it? Fresh is always nice. (Personal aside: I’m WAY better in the morning … fresh mind, fresh voice, etc …) Here’s my stupid little trick: I just hear it in my head and read it differently. So, like the phrase ‘Today’s Hit Music’ … three words, never changing … I can say it at least twenty ways right now and while I’m reading it, I’m hearing all the other ways it could be said in my head, and I just say them and move on. Another great way is to have a producer ask me for a different interpretation on regular copy … that has yielded some great results in changing up the ‘drab’ or common things.
BUT … even with all those repeats my job is to be genuine and deliver. I’ll take a day and listen to demos from anybody, good / bad / terrible / funny … just to kickstart the brain and give me inspiration.  

4. What are your current goals as a voice artist?

ops for me, right now at THIS point in my life: grow my radio imaging footprint; delve into live event VO; continue learning about my craft; get some movie trailer experience; be a good shepherd of the industry that I’ve loved since I was a baby.
It’s no noble pursuit, but it sure is deliciously fun.

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