Audio Content Promos - October 2020

Audio Content Promos – October 2020

I’ve been known to mention “content pieces” quite regularly on my blog and it’s quite evident in my audio branding work with SiriusXM.

Timely and topical Audio Branding really should be the bread and butter of all entertainment brands across the world – as it’s fresh, different and will often resonate with the listener more as they are current and topical.

These types of production are really fun to create – they also require little or no setups, as the listener will already be aware of what is being talked about within a couple of seconds.

Below are some recent pieces I created for Ozzy Osbourne’s SiriusXM channel, Ozzy’s Boneyard.

There is nothing more fun than getting to work with Ozzy’s voice – it is instantly recognisable and Ozzy’s approach is always open, honest and often extremely funny and has that “wow” factor.

As you can hear these piece’s are very current and will probably stay current for a long time to come – as they primarily based on the current pandemic, Covid-19.

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