Imaging in 2018 – The Future of Radio Imaging

It’s been a few weeks since our last post in the “Imaging In 2018” series and boy, this is going to be a good one. I predict that a lot of us wonder what the future of Radio Imaging will be. Will it still exist? How will it change? This is going to be interesting! The “Imaging In 2018” Series looks …

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Imaging in 2018 – Presenter Perspective

Welcome to “The Imaging in 2018” series, which focuses on Radio Imaging and Production from across the world.   This week, I thought it would be interesting to get a different perspective on Radio Imaging. In this post, we ask Presenters,On-Air Personalities, Producers and Programmers from across the world “what do they think of Imaging, how they use it and …

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Imaging in 2018 – Creativity or Technical Ability

Over the next few Blog Posts, I wanted to get some opinion pieces from Radio Stations and Imaging Producers across the globe. I think it’s cool to explore opinions on Radio Imaging, whereit’s at and where it will be in the future. We, as imagers may even take something from the comments and even better apply it to our work. …

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NSRC 2017 Galway

Talking The Talk

I have never been good at public speaking, in fact it was something that I have dreaded doing for the past number of years. As a child, I was generally shy and quiet and never did anything in big groups. However, over the past few years – I have been invited to various Radio and Production Conferences across the world as …

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IMRO Radio Awards 2017

Shortlisted for IMRO Radio Awards

I was absolutely delighted to find out that I was shortlisted for a coveted IMRO Radio Award for Radio Imaging with FM104. While I am delighted, the lead up to the shortlist being released is always a tough battle. You are constantly thinking and questioning yourself on the audio that you have submitted. Should I have submitted something different? Could …

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Opinion: Radio Production Inspiration

As featured on – post by Denzil Lacey on Radio Production Inspiration Let’s face it – anyone who works in a creative job, needs inspiration. Whether it’s Writing for Music or Books, Painting. Radio Imaging and Production is certainly no different and it’s very important to be inspired by someone else’s work to help you in creating the work …

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