FM104 Dublin

Imaging Highlights: FM104 January/February 2018

So, 2018 is going quick already and I’ve uploaded a dual demo on Soundcloud this month for January and February 2018. Lots of content in here from Branded Intros, Promos, Intros and Sweepers. I had great fun working on the Freaks on Friday Promo with Al Gibbs. We sat down, sketched out some ideas, sound design and voiceover ideas. We based …

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Imaging for Diplo’s Revolution on SiriusXM

It has been very difficult to keep this one under wraps for over two months, but I can finally announce it! I have been making Imaging for SiriusXM and specifically creating Sonically-led audio to launch Diplo’s brand new channel – Diplo’s Revolution! I was approached to produce Imaging for the channel and that’s what I have been at over the …

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IMRO Radio Awards 2017

Shortlisted for IMRO Radio Awards

I was absolutely delighted to find out that I was shortlisted for a coveted IMRO Radio Award for Radio Imaging with FM104. While I am delighted, the lead up to the shortlist being released is always a tough battle. You are constantly thinking and questioning yourself on the audio that you have submitted. Should I have submitted something different? Could …

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Imaging Highlights: FM104 June 2017

Another month has passed since I posted some new Imaging Highlights on the Website and Soundcloud. Continuing on with more sonically-led Imaging and Sung Vocals throughout. It’s a very busy time in FM104 and stations across Ireland, as the 2017 IMRO Radio Awards are in progress with the closing date in just 5-6 weeks time. Have a listen, and if …

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Opinion: Radio Production Inspiration

As featured on – post by Denzil Lacey on Radio Production Inspiration Let’s face it – anyone who works in a creative job, needs inspiration. Whether it’s Writing for Music or Books, Painting. Radio Imaging and Production is certainly no different and it’s very important to be inspired by someone else’s work to help you in creating the work …

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